Canada’s ‘waste plastics’ worth $792m/year as fuel
on February 16, 2013

Plastic waste.pngCanada’s plastics industry has published important new research about the potential value of waste plastic.

At the moment, any plastic not recycled goes to landfill – which is both costly and negative for the environment. Now their new research shows that Canada’s waste plastics could instead:

• Produce 9mbd of oil equivalent hydrocarbons (worth $792m today) via the use of currently available pyrolysis technologies. This is enough to run 600 cars each year
• Alternatively, it could be separated from other wastes and burnt as fuel in power stations. This would supply electricity to 500k households each year

The research is a good example of the benefits of ‘doing more with less’, as one of the study’s authors, Prof Murray E Haight notes:

“Plastics, being hydrocarbons, have energy values substantially higher than coal and almost as high as natural gas and oil”

Anyone looking for a new business opportunity in Canada, or elsewhere, may have just found what they need.

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