Aquatics Aug12.pngThe blog has spent today at the Olympic Park. The athletes, atmosphere and buildings are quite amazing – everything said about the event is true.

Dutch Olympian.pngAbove is a picture of the Aquatic centre, before the heats began this morning. Left, is a picture of a Dutch Olympian, wearing their most striking uniform.

A word is also relevant on the security issue. As is well-known, the British have a genius for ‘muddling through’. And bringing in the armed forces to run the security has proved a master-stroke.

It was the first time the blog has ever enjoyed going through security. The soldiers were enjoying themselves tremendously. And instead of trying to terrify everyone, they made it clear this was a much better assignment than being shot at Afghanistan.

Plus, and most deservedly, they also have access to some of the best seats in the Park when off-duty.

Truly, a day to remember. The blog will report back next weekend on its visit to the athletics final on Friday night.