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The litmus test for the global economy

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July/August The end of the beginning

June Economy at cross-roads as paradigm shifts replace business as usual

May There are weeks when decades happen

April Global economy moves into the New Normal, with local sustainability key

March OECD warns on recession, further downside risk

February Coronavirus concerns confirm economic expansion is ending

January Uncertainty replaces 2020 vision


December 2019 closes 'Not wth a bang, but with a whimper'

November Global economy hits stall speed

October When troubles come, they come not as single spies but in battalions

September Real interest rates go negative as the Perennials change the economy

SPECIAL China's devaluation risks opening the world's debt-fuelled Ring of Fire

July/August Global economy slows, paradigm shifts develop, geo-political tensions rise

June Fed battles economic slowdown as bond market challenges mount

May Trump's trade war challenges investors' "suspension of disbelief"

April Oil market outages boost apparent demand as buyers stock up

March China's lending boost highlights debt risks

February Markets learn their own version of Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle

January The end of Business as Usual


December Recession beckons as the 'Bitcoin economy' ends

November Smartphone sales recession highlights economic slowdown

October Chemicals flag rising recession risks

September Storm clouds gather over the global economy

July/August Confusion now has made his masterpiece

June President Trump's trade wars increase recession risk

May Risks rise for a synchronised global downturn

April Rising volatility suggests economic trends are changing

March "Time to fasten seatbelts" as Xi Jinping takes full charge

February Collecting pennies ahead of steamrollers is a dangerous game

January US PE expansions face 'moment of truth' as volatility rises


December 6 likely Challenges for today's 'Bitcoin economy' in 2018

November “L’Etat, c’ést moi” - Xi takes full control in China

October 'The calm before the storm'

September '4 Debt-related risks ... and 3 Hurricanes'

July/August 'China moves centre stage as Q4 National Congress nears'

June 'Nobody knows what is going to happen in the next 12 months'

May 'Consensus breeds complacency on oil, China, economic outlook'

April 'Autos, chemicals, challenge belief in global reflation'

March 'One year on - economic transformation in the Middle and Desert Kingdoms'

February 'N American PE expansions face moment of truth'

January 'The world is about to become a very different place'


December 'Nothing to worry about'

November 'Trump Brexit confirm - Its the demographics stupid'

October 'Business as usual options fade in post-Brexit world'

September 'Chemicals flag rising risk of economic downturn'

July/August 'Brexit opens new fault lines in the 'Ring of Fire''

June 'Ageing populations create paradigm shift for growth'

May 'Desert and Middle Kingdoms aim for economic transformation'

April 'You can't print babies'

March 'Oil market volatility hits near-record highs'

February 'China focuses on self-sufficiency'

January 2016 Outlook, 'The end of the beginning'


December 2015 Review - 'Price discovery returns to oil markets'

November 'Best pay attention to 十三 五'

October '5 oil market myths'

September 'China bursts commodities super-bubble'

August 'Impact of $25bbl oil'

July 'China's stock market collapse'

June 'China says Goodbye to Stimulus'

March 'Deflation & Debt'


December 'Oil prices continue bouncing down the stairs to lower levels'

October 'The Great Unwinding begins'

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